Monday, March 8, 2010

MGC - Simpsons Hit and Run (Mini) Review

First game down.

So after dealing with, or more like ignoring, my save data problems with Mario RPG for the March Gamers Challenge I moved on to The Simpsons Hit and Run for the Gamecube. I've had this game for quite some time, and I always loved it, but I never did get around to beating it. Now usually I would have to make some lame excuse as to why, but for this particular game I think I can safely blame it on the difficulty of some of the missions.

Take this mission for example:

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Getting to the halfway point of the mission was not so hard, but regardless of how fast I made it to point B, I have only 50 seconds to get back to where I started. I think it would have made much more sense to reward the player for getting to point B faster with just a little bit more time, otherwise why not just make the time limit three minutes instead of two minutes and ten seconds and then 50 seconds to get back?

The game is just not forgiving in the least. To use a horrible analogy that I used while I was live streaming, the game is almost like Olympic Ice Skating. If you mess up just one time, you're done. Game over. You lose. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a good challenge in a game, but this game just got plain tedious at points. Being challenging is one thing, but being flat out redundant is another.

Other than the sometimes unnecessary difficulty this game is quite fun, despite the reputation that Simpsons games tend to receive. The dialogue is humorous, the world is nearly identical to the real TV show, and even those things aside, the driving mechanics are just plain fun.

But by far my most favorite part? Running over people.

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MGC - First Week Update

March Gamers Challenge First Week Update.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The March Gamers Challenge!

The March Gamers Challenge is underway! I'm really excited with the response so far, and it's only day two. I've gotten a head start myself with Super Mario RPG and I plan on getting a lot further today. I'll do more updates soon.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

This is probably the stupidest video I've ever posted. Matched only by the Assassin's Creed 2 "face" commercial I made on my other channel that I don't use anymore, ThePBGShow.

Once Super Mario Galaxy 2 actually releases, I'm guessing this video will be hit quite a few times from people actually searching for reviews for it. I'm anticipating getting flame comments from people who were looking for an actual review, but who knows, maybe there will be a positive response...maybe.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

PB&J Walkthrough - Left 4 Dead 2 (Part 3)

Time for a new PB&J walkthrough! Okay, it's not really new, but I hadn't uploaded it until today. I was waiting to upload this until I was a little too busy to post anything else. I had two papers to finish this week. One I've already done, and the other I've barely even started thinking about...

But anyway, I'm still surprised all the time that people think these PB&J videos are serious. I guess we're just not acting stupid enough? We'll try to step it up next time.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

PB&J Review Hubert the Teddybear Winter Games for the Wii.

PeanutButterGamer and KyrakJellyman review Hubert the Teddy Bear Winter Games!

I think this is by far the best PB&J video we've done so far, and I think it's even one of the best videos I've done in general.

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